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Cindy's Tahoe

My name is Lenny Ann Schudar. As a lifelong animal enthusiast, I started riding and training horses very young. In my late teens, while I was working and living at a thoroughbred horse race training facility in Norco, CA, these wonderful little ‘Mini Aussies’ were our barn dogs. I have been smitten with this breed ever since. My little dogs were my constant companions and went everywhere with me. We had litters back then primarily because we were wanting to add another dog to work. I had no idea about pedigreed dogs, and I now recognize what we did would be frowned upon these days.  

During the 90’s, living on and managing Avocado Acres Quarter Horse & Boarding facility in Spring Valley, a young sassy female Merle Mini Aussie unexpectedly fell into our lap after being abandoned by a boarder.
We found out later that she was most likely from breeder Linda Perry of Patchwork Farms. We called her ‘Slick’ because, well, she was just that slick about learning and doing everything.

Experience Matters

With Slick’s passing, much research and debate ensued about where to get our next pup. I needed a beautiful dog with a temperament I could live with. I was lucky to have discovered an experienced breeder who was part of the foundation group of people who were instrumental in developing the breed standard that allowed our breed to AKC—Cheryl Hass of Chandrea Farms in Washington. 

When I was ready for a pup, Cheryl helped guide me to the perfect one. That dog ‘Juice’ (pictured below) began a deeper love of all things dogs.  I obsessively worked with a handful of note-worthy trainers, which helped enhance my training theories and hands-on skills. Juice is still the best demo dog ever.


My Step Into Show Dogs

Years later, I was honored that Cheryl agreed to allow me to own my very first ‘show dog.’  I am privileged to own dogs from her beautiful Vogue – Chandrea’s.  As my handling skills and knowledge of show dogs grew, that helped cultivate my interest as a groomer.  I groom part-time here at Trifecta, making pet dogs as pretty as the show dogs!

It has been life-altering for us to own these dogs, and I will be forever grateful to Cheryl for trusting a novice like me.

Eventually, I met Kasey Mando, the owner of Ultra Quest Show Dogs. Through her tutelage and mentorship, I was able to dive deep into the world of conformation show dogs. I was not a natural. My nerves got the better of me at showtime. Being able to show at Westminster, the National Show in Orlando, FL, was certainly a dream. 




It all started in 2011
Registered in 2017

Miniature American Shepherds

Fueled by this intelligent, athletic breed and, my passion for working with and training animals inspired my decision to take a dedicated approach to show in the conformation ring. Raising these wonderful dogs has developed as a result of that endeavor.

Together with my husband Rick, we live on a rural property in Spring Valley on the outskirts of San Diego, CA.  We raise, train, and show these wonderful little Miniature American Shepherd dogs affectionately known as ‘Mini Aussies.”

Our priority is to raise quality, well-bred puppies that are healthy and well-socialized. We take our responsibility as breeders seriously and have created a breeding program that honors and respects the health and well-being of our dogs.

We have implemented rigorous health testing protocols, adhere to breed standards, and work hard to provide our puppies with the best possible environment to enrich their development.