Pet or Show Quality – What does this really mean?

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what does “pet puppy” and “show puppy” mean?

The difference between a potential show puppy and a pet puppy is the degree to which the puppy meets the breed standard. A breed standard is a written description of a dog’s ideal characteristics, temperament, and appearance.  A dog with “Type” describes a dog with a common set of inheritable visual characteristics following the Breeds Standard. 

Breed standards are crucial to breeders’ production of typical specimens of the breed. Standards are a guide to ensuring that dogs grow up with the appropriate appearance (referred to as ‘type’) and temperament and help judges assess dogs in the conformation show ring. 

Breed standards have disqualifications, which prevent dogs from entering the show ring. Any puppies exhibiting one or more “disqualifying features” will be sold as” pets.” Disqualification could be too much white on the head or ear, imperfect dentition, or insufficient pigmentation on the nose.

Those puppies with all the qualities that meet the breed standard can be sold as “show potential” puppies.  Have you ever thought about a show puppy? 

“Are you looking for a pet or a show potential puppy?”
That’s the question you will often get from a reputable breeder. Having a show puppy can be a lot of fun. Most show pups are shown in the conformation ring by either their owner or the breeder. Some hire professional handlers to show their pups – it is all up to you. Having a show puppy is no more work than having a pet puppy. Both must be socialized, trained, cared for, and loved. The only difference is you get to take your show puppy to conformation shows and work to become an AKC champion. 


The Evaluation Process –
Screening for Show Dog Success

At around 7 weeks old, we begin a comprehensive evaluation process to identify potential show puppies. This process involves individually assessing each puppy’s traits, temperament, and potential. It’s through this meticulous process that we determine which puppies exhibit the qualities for ‘show potential’ and which ones are best suited as ‘pets’.